Life is forever changing. My Art changes with my life, and my perceptions of it. All around me it whirls and banks, slides and shimmies,while outside forces buffet and cajole. I try to capture such images. Life's motion and stasis in one.

As I live I create, no differences between worlds exist.
A fantasy in a canvas or stone is just as real as the storms and forces I seek to depict.

Ride with me into the storm, or the calm. Find safety and danger,joy and sorrow, as we all know. Entertainment, reflection, decoration, function and form that follows function, bewilderment and understanding, may be seen in my works.

Wether a pleasant scene of marine life, a landscape, portrait or abstraction, my works are always emotive impressionist. I work in many mediums, letting the requirements of commission's and projects enter into the work , but not defining style.

James Walker Brown